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Personal Harmony Coaching


To develop personal harmony within you & with your environment

I am a fully trained and accredited Personal Harmony Coach and Facilitator. A unique system of coaching that enables you to explore your values and the way in which you live your life. Sessions are personalised and involve a questionnaire followed by a debriefing session on the results. The premise of Personal Harmony is simple, harmony can be achieved within you and your environment when you understand your values.

Every word spoken, every action taken, every positive or negative interaction, is motivated by a person's values. In currently changing times, you need certain positive personal values to inspire and cause growth and successfully navigate challenges, difficulties, stresses and change. The right values will help you connect to what really matters to you and create the future you really want.


Your values form the basis of your beliefs, attitudes and impact how you live your life. Therefore, a values-based assessment is critical in gaining insight into the true nature of you and what is holding you back from where you can get to. 

Personal Harmony questionnaires are done at your convenience, in the privacy of your own home. Your level 1 and 2 questionnaires will each take approximately 25 minutes to complete. Your subsequent evaluation, complete with summaries, graphs and percentage results, combined with a 90-minute de-brief, will guide and inspire you into further growth in each value. 

Personal Harmony questionnaires and evaluations bring a new light and hope to the way you do things and inspire your growth through higher values and greater harmony.

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 You will understand yourself better, feel better understood and create greater harmony with yourself and with your environment which should be reflected in your personal fulfilment and professional performance.


The more you apply these values, the greater your personal harmony and growth can be. Your progress towards your goals can be measured over a 6 - 12 month period to review and reinforce your positive changes and growth, to celebrate the gains you've made and to inspire more.

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