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Nutritional Services

Food is the fuel for our whole body. Proper nourishing food gives us energy and strength, helps our brain to function to its full capacity, stabilises our emotions, helps us to feel happy & be positive. Food contains numerous numbers of nutrients that are absolutely necessary for our bodies to operate to its full optimum. But, alas, nowadays food is not what it used to be as the infertile soil, over-spraying with chemicals and mass production without proper crop rotation practice produces less nutritious vegetables, fruits and grains.

Nutritional deficiencies may lead to numerous issues within the body and this in long-term can potentially have a disastrous outcome.

When it comes to nutrition, I follow the same rule as I do in homoeopathy and that is individuality. We are all individual people and although our bodies function the same and on average, we require the same nutrients every day, we also may have different needs, may have different digestive abilities, may have food sensitivities or allergies but still face the challenges of feeding and nourishing our bodies properly. Therefore, I have an individual approach when it comes to nutritional assessment of one’s dietary needs such as a choice of right foods combined with homoeopathic medicine and vitamin & mineral supplements to bring a person back to optimal health.

I focus on person’s history, food choices, help with goals a person wants to achieve, use services such as Hair Tissue Mineral Test Analysis and in-depth blood tests to detect nutritional deficiencies and to discover any obstacles that may prevent nutrients from proper absorption.

I will work with you to improve your health based on your individual nutritional needs and help you get back to feeling your best.

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