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Concomitant Healing

Concomitant Healing is a specialized form of physical healing that is designed to increase the flow of energy within the body while releasing the tension in the muscular structure of the body. Concomitant means that the pressure is applied to release one point at the time where the points follow each other in particular order step by step until the problem is solved.


Benefits of Concomitant Healing:


  • Increases the flow of energy through out the body

  • Releases the tension and built up stress stored in muscles either from physical damage or trapped emotional issues

  • Eases pressure on the skeletal system  


Concomitant healing works as a permanent solution if a person is able to exclude the negative emotions that impact them and changes the repetitive physical actions that caused the physical damage.

Credit: SphinxSpiritual

Young woman having feet massage in beaut
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