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Meet Ksenija

Meet Ksenija Dedijer

Clinical Homoeopath, Nutritional Coach & 
Spiritual Counsellor 

Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy AROH

Diploma Spiritual Counselling

Accredited Parenting Coach

Accredited Nutritional Coach

Accredited Concomitant Healer

My name is Ksenija Dedijer and I am a registered Clinical Homoeopath, Nutritional Coach, Spiritual Counsellor and Parenting Coach.

I combine an individual an individual homoeopathic assessment with mineral, toxic element and in-depth pathology testing in order to uncover and correct what is preventing you from reaching your optimal health and wellbeing. 

My love for Homoeopathy was born a couple of decades ago. I immigrated to Australia about 25 years ago and I was looking for medicine that would not only relieve symptoms, but also address the root of the problem and help bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. This powerful and effective system of medicine prepared me both physically and emotionally for two pregnancies and also supported her children to grow into healthy and strong adults. Seeing benefits of homoeopathy first-hand and realising the importance of wholesome nutrition, emotional balance in all areas of life and support & care, I was inspired to pursue this as a career and share my knowledge & experience with others.

I am truly passionate about people and love helping my clients to become the best they can be. I support people to use their talents and gifts to lead a fulfilling life and have meaningful & loving relationships and friendships.

My specialisation is in:

  • Gut Issues & Digestive Disorders

  • Mineral Imbalances & Proper Supplementation

  • Nutrient & Toxic Element Testing

  • Skin Issues & Allergies

  • Anxiety, Insomnia & Behavioural Issues

  • Improving Emotional Health

  • Strengthening of Immune System and Vitality

I offer one-on-one clinic appointments and develop a treatment approach based on your individual needs which helps to bring balance to individuals in every area in their life.

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What is Homoeopathy?


An Affordable Natural System of Medicine for Everyone! 

Homoeopathy is a scientific system of medicine developed by German doctor and chemist, Dr. Samuel Kristian Hahnemann over 200 years ago (1755-1843).


The central principle of homoeopathy is a “Law of Similars”, which means that a substance that can produce certain symptoms in a healthy person can be used in very small amounts to relieve the same or similar symptoms in a sick person.


In homoeopathy everyone is treated as a unique being and his or her body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered and taken into account when selecting the most appropriate medicine and its strength that would match the individuality of a particular person.


These homoeopathic medicines go through a specific scientific process where they become active and non-addictive, non-toxic and without side effects yet energetic and with powerful healing properties.


Therefore these medicines are safe and affordable and it may be used in the management of many conditions such as:


  1. Acute complaints – coughs, colds, earaches, food poisoning, hangovers

  2. Chronic complaints – skin conditions, hormone imbalances, mood swings, headaches, digestive disturbances, behavioural issues, grief

  3. First aid situations – bites, stings, allergies, injuries, trauma, emotional shock


Homoeopathy has been widely practiced all over the world including USA, Europe and India. The World Health Organisation estimates that over 500 million people worldwide use homoeopathy.







I have been receiving homoeopathic treatment from Ksenija since January 2024 and have been very happy with the results. My health and well-being have improved dramatically and I am still taking homoepathic medicines daily to continue to improve.

My main symptoms were tiredness, irregular bowel movements, insomnia & nighttime urination frequency. I was also gradually recovering from a very stressful year 2023. Ksenija recommended I do a stool test which I did and this showed a high level of parasites as well as microbiome imbalances. In all years that I have been seeing natural therapists no one had ever recommended this test and yet the results explained so many of the symptoms I had had chronically over the years.
Ksenija put me on a treatment of homoeopathic pillules and I began to feel better within only a week. She also recommended I cut back on sugar in my diet which I did. I felt very tired for the first two days and after that I just kept feeling better and better. I used to feel constantly hungry too and that has also reduced.
I can't thank Ksenija enough for the enormous difference she has made to my health. I feel like a new person.

Jessica ~ Mt Martha  

When I came to see Ksenija I was suffering from typical menopausal issues, from psoriasis that was on my limbs and shoulders which was very itchy and prevented me from sleeping.

Ksenija prescribed me firstly a homoeopathic medicine to help with hot flushes & sleep and than added medicine for psoriasis with additional supplements to help with my energy.

I am very happy to report that my psoriasis is disappearing, there is no itching and you can hardly see it on the skin and that my hot flushes have eased off and are much more under control.

Ksenija is passionate, empathic, kind and makes me feel very comfortable. And I continue to be under Ksenija's care. Thank you very much Ksenija, I appreciate it very much.

  Carol S

Ksenija is a rare gem. Not only is she knowledgable in homoeopathy, she knows the right questions to ask to get to the source of the problems then directs you in the right direction to improve your situation.


She actually listens and I believe genuinely wants to help you heal. My whole family is feeling so much better after seeing her. 


Over the years I have taken Chinese medicine, seen many different natural practitioners, numerous GP's & specialists but no one really made a difference.


6 months with Ksenija and I feel like I finally know why my health is not 100% and I am getting slowly better.

Thank You Ksenija! 

Anne T

Ksenija is a very clever Clinical Homoeopath & Spiritual Counsellor who asks pertinent questions, listens with a warm & caring manner, then responds with her wise counsel. Ksenija has helped my road to recovery with both physical and emotional issues with homoeopathic medicines, changes to diet and development of my own self-help skills.

I am so grateful to have benefited from Ksenija's generous spirit, empathy, understanding and expertise as my Homoeopath and Counsellor.

 Lorraine C

I have been working with Ksenija as a Clinical Homoeopath since February 2023. I have found her to be extremely helpful with her questions, listening skills, observations, support, care and prescribing homeopathic medicines. I also love the mineral hair analysis, as that gives an in-depth awareness on what is really going on in the body.

Thank you Ksenija for your love, compassion and guidance.


My Fondest Regards,

 Suzy Wood

Other Services

Other Services

Spiritual Counselling
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Concomitant Healing
Green Goodness
Nutritional Services



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